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Freshly Cut Lawn Saves Local Man’s Sanity.

“I’m so glad I found National Caregivers Network!”. I have been in Warner Robins, Georgia for 5 years now and my wife fell-ill about 2 years ago. I have changed from my retired mode of thinking, with fishing and all, and I have become a full-time caregiver for my wife. She was diagnosed with cancer and is in stage 4. Her illness has been life changing for us and, for me, something that I had no idea would be so hard to do and manage. My wife started to need care 18 hours a day and it was wearing me out. I am not a young man and I was in need of some help. The lawn was terrible and the paint was peeling in the house.

These were things I would normally take care of but I just couldn’t do it and also take care of my wife’s needs. I called various places only to get no help or answering machines. I started searching online and ran across the National Caregivers Network, also known as I saw they had a listing of all kinds of local businesses in the area that specifically helped caregivers and the elderly. I was immediately intrigued and decided to call one of the businesses for lawn care service. They immediately answered and I told them I found them on the National Caregivers Network website. They told me they would give me a discount and were ready to help me. I tell you they came the next day and cut both the front and back yards and bagged everything. I was so glad they could do that for me while I took care of my wife. I’m glad there is a resource website like this for us caregivers in this City, Houston County, and serving Middle Georgia. It truly helped me out.

John Thompson Warner Robins, GA

I no longer have to worry about my lawn needs nor my wife’s beautiful garden and aesthetic plants. National Caregiver Network will help you find the best lawn and gardening services so that your lawn can look green and surreal.

For any information about The National Caregivers Network, please contact:

Shirley Morman, 478-401-4800 or email

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