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Festive Giving Spirit For Caregivers This Holiday Season

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

In the season of the Coronavirus and quarantine, the elderly and caregivers in our nation are excited about this festive season more than ever. It is also a very important time for families to stick together and foster close knit relationships. A warm caring hug and a cup of pumpkin spice latte will surely warm the heart of your loved-one. All of these sentiments reflect the value and trust placed in The National Caregivers Network Business Alliance, a directory, clearinghouse and resource website that showcases companies who provide, as a business process, concierge/door-to-door delivery of resources, products and services to complement and help support the daily needs and lifestyle of Georgia Family Caregivers of the Aging, Elderly, Disabled, Veteran, Chronically Ill and End-Of-Life Loved-One. Reach out and hug a Senior or Family caregiver today and share nostalgia and feelings of cheer, door-to-door/family-to-family this festive holiday season.

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