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Being Alone on Thanksgiving Can Be Hard for Seniors

Russell Brown has been a Georgia resident for 40 years. He moved to Warner Robins, Georgia from Tennessee in 1980. Russell came from a small share cropping family in Tennessee and had always been the type to ask questions and craved to know more information than his siblings. He was a train maintenance man and commanded the night shift. Due to his exceptional experience and ability to think out of the box, Amtrak promoted and transferred him to Georgia so that he could apply his knowledge and skill to the local night shift. It was a different time back then so Russell soon realized that technology had definitely changed things in the locomotive industry. A few years after Russell moved to Warner Robins, he met a local woman at a party Amtrak was throwing; a true show stopper, this was Anne and his future wife. Anne and Russell began courting, it was a match made in heaven and they married the following year. They had a wonderful marriage for over 35 years and fostered 2 sons named Charles and Xavier. Five years ago, Anne suffered a massive heart attack, in her sleep, and died. Russell, Charles and Xavier were forever devastated as she was a wonderful wife and mother. Charles and Xavier grew up and moved out 10 years later and Russell began to live the life of an empty-nester. Charles and Xavier asked their father to come and live with either of them since their mother had gone to live with the Lord. Russell, being the stubborn and proud man he was, declined and said he was completely fine and would be OK. The boys humbly went back to their homes and life moved on.

Over the last 4 years of his wife’s death, Russell became very lonely and he stopped doing many of the things that he used to love to do such as fishing and gardening, as well, reflecting upon memories of the holidays which were always a fun time for Anne and the boys as Russell would always have surprises for them. Over the years the boys always tried to get Russell to come to Thanksgiving dinners in Maine or Texas where they lived but Russell would always refuse. Russell was never a good cook, as Anne over the years, so for the last few years, he has been eating a TV dinner at Thanksgiving. He longed for the juicy turkey, sweet ham, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie his Anne made. Russell did not know there were many restaurants that will cater Thanksgiving dinner and also deliver the dinner right to his door.

Since Russell is not computer literate, his son Xavier decided to help his stubborn father and did an Internet search in the Warner Robins and Middle Georgia area for delivered and catered Thanksgiving dinner. Xavier came across The National Caregivers Network website that listed the following Warner Robins, Georgia and Middle Georgia caterers:

A Select Listing of Warner Robins, Georgia and Middle Georgia Restaurants Offering Thanksgiving Meal Delivery Service and/or Catering. Door-To-Door Delivery Restrictions May Apply. Place Order 2-3 Weeks Before Holiday.

Perry, Georgia, Warner Robins, Georgia

Cracker Barrell Old Country, Warner Robins, Georgia, 478-953-1818

Georgia Bob’s BBQ, Warner Robins, Georgia, 478-971-1341

Georgia Bob’s BBQ, Perry, Georgia, 478-224-1227

Honey Baked Ham Company, Warner Robins, Georgia,478-971-4528

Martin’s BBQ, Warner Robins, Georgia, 478-923-0800

Shane’s Rib Shack, Kathleen, Georgia, 478-988-0020

Sonny’s BBQ, Warner Robins, Georgia, 478-929-3333

Sonny’s BBQ, Perry, Georgia, 478-218-2100

Peach County: Byron, Georgia

478 Country Buffet, 478-654-6877

Macon, Georgia

Cracker Barrell Old Country, Eisenhower Parkway, 478-477-4848

Honey Baked Ham Company, Macon, Georgia, 478-474-5500

S&S Cafeteria, Macon, Georgia, 478-259-4287

Milledgeville, Georgia

Country Buffet, 478-453-0434

Georgia Bob’s BBQ, 478-295-0696

Sparta, Georgia

Family Affair, 706-444-8824

Mary’s Kuntry Kitchen, 706-444-9966

Real Deal, 706-873-3090

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