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The Business Alliance Annual Subscription Period is January-December. Our Grand Opening and Covid-19 Promotional are October-December 2020.

The National Caregiver Network Business Alliance is defined as companies whose products, resources or services complement and help support the lifestyle of Family Caregivers of the Aging, Elderly, Disabled, Chronically Ill, Veteran, and End-of-Life Loved One.

The official proprietary relationship is business marketing and advertising. We work only with licensed businesses.

What’s in It for You?

  • You provide Network door-to-door delivery service, in our website directory, network clearinghouse, for Family Caregivers in Middle Georgia, and beyond, to see and shop from, when looking for needed products, resources and services, as well as special occasion tributes, for their Loved-One or Patient.

  • We market, promote and advertise your business on our company Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • We list your company in our quarterly digital newsletter as a business alliance member.

  • You demonstrate support to invest in the vision of a new company, a company that specializes in increasingly growing and branded segment of the Georgia community and beyond. You demonstrate compassion and support by directly connecting your delivered resources, services and products with the Family Caregiver for the home bound, sick and shut in.

  • You deliver resources, services and/or products toward the advancement of our vision to an underserved segmented population in our North Central Health District.

  • You operate as an Alliance Member offering support in respective capacities as a National Brand, Independent/Private Business, Local/Private business.

  • Your Annual Business Alliance membership allows you to include each/all of your same type business locations, throughout middle Georgia and the surrounding area, on your custom designed splash page designed by our company.

  • You pay a one-time cost of $ for a Business Splash Page payable upon membership subscription, otherwise, we list only your business and contact information under the heading for your business along with other business types. We encourage Senior Discounts.

Become A Vision Sponsor:

Public Service Organization, Association, Club, Civic Group: If your civic and social interest fall in line with the Vision of National Caregivers our annual Vision Sponsor-Endorsement cost in support of programs, services and resources to Family Caregivers: $200


Please review the business options below and determine where your business falls on the membership dues structure.

  • Corporate/National Brand/Franchise: $4500 (365 Days @ $12 daily 24hr Internet Advertising)

  • Federal, State, Local Government, Federal, State, Local Government (Home Healthcare Agencies public and Private Services: $3500 (365 Days @ $10 daily 24hr Internet Advertising Rate)

  • Home Health Care Services: $3500 (365 Days @ $10 daily 24hr Internet Advertising Rate)
    Palliative Care Agencies, Nursing Service Agencies, Hospice Services/Programs, Independent/Private Personal Care Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Adult Day Care, Nursing HomesHome Health Support Resources, Products and Services

  • Home Health Support Resources, Products and Services: $400
    Emergency Alert Services, Hospital Bed Stores, Medical Supply Transport, Physical Therapy, Medical Transport, CPR Resources/Training

  • Independent-National Brand: $1500 (365 Days @ $4 daily 24hr Internet Advertising Rate)

  • Funeral and Mortuary Services: $300

  • Residential/Home Support Services: $200
    Mobile Pet Services, Lawn, Gutter/Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Bin Cleaning, roof cleaning, roofing, painting, plumbing, electrical, painting, House Cleaning, Upholstery 

  • Personal Resources, Products and Services: $200
    Cancer Survivor Resources, Pharmacy Services, Restaurant and Caterings, Realty Services, Insurance Services, Florist Services, Tele-Tutoring Services

  • Religious Organizations: $125

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