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Family Caregivers Membership provides for a shift in lifestyle access. It offers a ONE-STOP on-line shopping network for door-to-door service and product delivery. You will engage with others who share your care giving experience. Being a Caregivers, you have an over-whelming challenge of taken care of a sick or  terminally ill loved one. Often simple services and needs go unattended due to your constant attention to your loved one. Many caregivers and elderly members struggle to find the best: Painters, Electricians, Funeral Parlors, Florist, Grocers, Bankers, Lawyers, Drug Stores and much more. This is where the National Caregivers Network bridges that gap to services in our community. Our business network alliance members are here to showcase their services they can offer and many provide senior and caregiver discounts.

6 Significant Benefits Of Family Caregivers Membership

  • Credible advice and suggestions from other experienced Caregivers via chat.

  • A virtual network that minimizes the Caregiver’s weekly workload.

  • Quarterly newsletter resource tips.

  • Relevant discussion topics for Caregivers and family members.

  • Helpful planning and preparatory skills for end-of-life challenges.

  • Resources for legal concerns and funeral planning services.

What Family Caregiver Members Receive:

  • Premier concierge services.

  • A quarterly newsletter.

  • A family planning chat room.

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