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Becoming a local Houston County, Georgia business alliance member is more that just advertising. It's an opportunity to grow your business and advertising to our local customers and surrounding Georgia counties. Caregivers in our neighborhoods have a over-whelming challenge of taken care of a sick or  terminally ill loved one. Often simple services and needs go unattended due to the caregiver's constant attention to their loved one. Many elderly members struggle to find the best: Painters, Electricians, Funeral Parlors, Florist, Grocers, Bankers, Lawyers, Drug Stores and much more. You could be that bridging gap to a specialized demographic in our communities.

5 Significant Benefits To Becoming A Business Alliance Member:

  • Assist in supporting Houston County Family Caregivers.

  • Instill dignity and integrity to valued segmented populations during their end-of-life experience.

  • Focus on a communal need that has not been identified nor addressed for Caregivers, near end-of-life, chronically ill, elderly, disabled and veteran populations

  • An opportunity to grow and expand your business customer base by using our inexpensive advertising business model.

  • Create awareness of your services and savings to potential customers.

Special Introductory Annual Business Rate:

What Business Alliance Members Receive:

  • A Business Specific Category Alliance Listing For 1 Year.

  • A Quarterly Newsletter With Your Business Featured.

  • A Discounted Ticket For Our Annual Business Conference.

  • An Inexpensive Way To Advertise Your Business.


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