Founded in 2017, in Houston County, Georgia, the National Caregivers Network, NCN, and its subsidiary, Caregiver Concierge Services (DBA), is a virtual platform for Houston County and Middle Georgia Family Caregivers.  We are a business and industry alliance of concierge services, products and resources that will support the daily and lifestyle needs of Houston County and Middle Georgia Family Caregivers.  As the epitome of virtual shopping, NCN improves the end-of-life experience and other well deserved features of both, comfort and peace during that time for residents with enormous need and extreme limitations.  NCN is posturing as a communal business collaborative via membership alliances/subscriptions.  NCN is a communal collaborative.  Upon entry, NCN travels throughout the Family Caregivers end-of-life journey, with the loved one through door-to-door delivery services.


A Caring Welcome from the Founder & CEO

This is a Welcome that I have been excited to write for almost two years, because it is a Special Welcome to You and the formal launch of the National Caregivers Network (NCN Georgia). 

What I love about this business is that it will become a part of our growing population, culture and our economy. Online shopping is the new lifestyle, a lifestyle most befitting as an everyday convenience for our aging community and the family members who care for them. Together, and with the “endorsement” of businesses, Churches, organizations, legacy members of the community, and community leaders, we commit to opening new doors of convenience to an increasing population of residents: the Aging, Elderly, Disabled, Veteran, Chronically Ill and End-Of-Life Loved One.  Every day, we all see the aging process in our communities and around the world every day, and we want to help. NCN helps to fix that; together, we turn sudden lifestyle change into effective action, embracing the heart of our community.

Shirley Morman is a native of Georgia. She has resided in Houston County, Georgia for more than a decade.  She retired from the University of Maryland (1974-2007). Shirley Morman is an award winning director by the University of Maryland, College Park, federal, state, local and county governments, for her academic and social research, upon partnership with community, organizations, business and industry. 

In 2017, Shirley Morman experienced the meaning of Caregiving through Caregiving to her husband of 41 years.  This experience is the impetus to the inception of the National Caregivers Network.

Our Vision:

To provide, in alliance with Middle Georgia and surrounding area businesses, premier concierge services (door-to-door delivery) for Family Caregivers and to be the leading concierge door-to-door delivery service (Clearinghouse/Directory for door-to-door delivery), we focus our efforts on reasonable accommodations for our growing communities in Houston Country and the Middle Georgia communities. Moreover, our foci specialize in reasonable accommodations for our growing communities and reflect our values in supporting our Houston County Georgia citizenry and the Central Georgia community.

So let’s move forward to a more unified enhanced way of living in Houston County and Middle Georgia!

Caringly yours,

Shirley Morman


NCN caringly walks alongside Houston County and Middle Georgia Family Caregivers.  NCN travels from the Family Caregivers point of caregiving throughout the end-of-life journey with the Loved-One. 


As a business of alliances, accessing services, products and resources, NCN alleviates some challenges faced by Family Caregivers.  We identify, engage and support the following segmented populations:

  • Aging

  • Elderly

  • Disabled

  • Veteran

  • Chronically Ill

  • End-Of-Life Loved One


National Caregivers Network (NCN) is comprised of alliances with business, industry, legacy community members, organizations, and churches. Our alliances include small and evolving local businesses as well as established corporate businesses.  Our alliances decrease the encumbered responsibilities and duties associated with caregiving and assist in facilitating the house-bound with ONE-STOP shopping conveniences.  NCN facilitates a more empathetic experience for Family Caregivers and constituents near end-of-life.

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Matters Of The Heart

Georgia's Family Caregiving Magazine

Welcome to the first edition of Matter Of The Heart , a bi-annual publication that mirrors the resources, products and services offered to help respond to the daily lifestyle needs of Houston County Family Caregivers. Matter Of The Heart is always seeking articles, news worthy information, resources and tips for its readership. If you are interested in volunteering for Matters Of The Heart as a Contributing Writer, please contact us stating your interest topic(s) and provide your article at Please allow 7-10 days for review and response.

How The National Caregivers Network Works

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Family Caregivers may shop at their convenience.  We provide a shift in lifestyle access for local door-to-door service and product delivery.

As a local business, industry, legacy community member, organization or church in Central Georgia, your business will engage with others who share your commitment to meeting the lifestyle needs of your customers, thus our communities’ constantly changing populations.  As a member of the NCN Business Resource Network, you allow NCN to showcase your online business logo with Family Caregivers as a basis for online shopping for your services, products, resources and where possible, provide seniors and Family Caregivers discounts.

Significant Network Benefits For Family Caregivers & Seniors

Cheerful Seniors

Family Caregivers have an overwhelming challenge of taking care of a sick, disabled or terminally ill Loved-One.  Often, simple services and needs go unattended due to constant attention to the loved one.  Many Caregivers and the elderly struggle to find the best painters, electricians, plumbers, florist, grocers, lawyers, drug stores, funeral parlors, transportation services and much more.  The NCN Georgia Business Alliance Network bridges the gap to services, products and resources in Houston County and the Central Georgia community through:

  • A virtual network that minimizes the Caregivers’ weekly workload.

  • Quarterly newsletter/seasonal newsletter resource tips and helpful hints.

  • Relevant discussion topics for Caregivers and family members.

  • Resources for legal concerns. 

  • House Cleaning, Lawn and Gardening Services.

  • Medical Transport, Pharmacy Transportation and Family Travel Services.

  • Funeral Planning Services

  • Comfort Care

  • Grief Counseling and more.

The Significant Benefits In Becoming A Business Alliance

  • You assist in supporting Houston County and Middle Georgia Family Caregivers.

  • You assist in replicating Business Network Alliances throughout Georgia.

  • You instill dignity and integrity to valued segmented populations during their changing life experience.

  • You focus on a communal need that has not been identified nor addressed for family caregivers, the elderly, end-of-life, chronically ill, disabled and Veteran populations.

  • You are enhancing the opportunity to grow and expand your business and customer base by using our inexpensive advertising Business Pilot Model.

  • You create awareness of your brand, service, product or resource and savings to potential customers.

  • You benefit from a specific business category listing for one year with an opportunity to renew.

  • You are featured in our business Newsletter Directory.

  • You receive a discounted ticket to our Annual Business Alliance Partner Conference for Annual Updates.

  • You are provided an inexpensive way to advertise your business, service or product.


Become A Business Alliance Member

NCN seeks to establish a business alliance membership with numerous local Houston County, Georgia businesses and national major brands to provide our Family Caregivers excellent door-to-door services, resources and products. In becoming a local Houston County and Central Georgia Business Alliance Member, you are more than just advertising to our community and Middle Georgia Counties, you are also maximizing the lifestyle experience of the house bound, bridging the gap to a specialized demographic in our communities.



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National Caregivers Network (NCN Georgia) is currently a free service with a noble intent and effort to support Family Caregivers in the community.  Any and all donations will directly contribute to the logistical facilitation of quarterly meetings, seminars and an annual symposium, as well as, a quarterly newsletter.  As NCN Georgia identifies other organizations to partner and/or collaborate, donations will be attributed to respective organizational plans.